We're Artur and Jorge, a portuguese gay couple who lives between Lisbon, Algarve and Alentejo.
We're together since April 2003 and we always loved to travel, know new places, new people and have new experiences!
In this moment we're the owners of a gay bar in Albufeira, in Algarve: Connection Bar.
Before we begin this blog, we already traveled by various destinations with lots of adventures and many experiences, which were always shared with our friends when we returned.

We don't have a preferred destination type. We like city, beach, countryside, etc, and to be there the maximum time possible to be able to feel the site!

When we travel we like to explore the day and night. In our point of view, the culture of a country, city, is much more than monuments... We like to feel the places, people.
We want to give a real view of the travels/experiences of a gay couple who has already been together for many years, not having to show only the romantic side, but also the laid-back, funny and natural side of things and real life!

Along all this years together, we always worked together for the gay community. We had the first photo-report platform of gay events in Portugal, we represented in Portugal and international gay dating app, we had the first gay shop in Lisbon, only for men, in the gay district with underwear, swimwear and sportswear. Before our current bar, we already had another gay bar.

We want your feedback, opinions, tips and who knows on a future journey to know you personally.


A nossa abordagem


My name is Artur, I was born in 1978 ( you do the math :p ) in Portugal.

I studied accounting and companies management having finished the course. After many years of work in this area, I always knew it wasn't this I wanted for my future. I always had an entrepreneur vision and being closed in an office was not for me. Being so, resolved to abandon all and be free and work on your own.

My first trip was to France, being more than 24 hours on a bus! Yes, it has been many years ago! But I loved it and marked me forever.

I'm an extroverted person, funny with some madness to mixture. I like to take chances and later we'll see... One of the thinks I hate to do is sleep: I consider a loss of time.







A Nossa História


My name is Jorge, I was born in 1978 in Portugal.

I studied Graphic Design in Lisbon Fine Arts Faculty. I love art, painting and culture. Never worked in my area but I can apply it in what I do now and has an hobby also.

My professional course were in various areas which, never pleased me completely.

My wish for something more personal and interactive with the public made that now I'm at my bar receiving guys at the door! I'm also at the bar, etc...

My first trip was to Barcelona many years ago. Since then we didn't stop and are many the places we went.

I love to go out at night, drinking some cocktails and of course, my beer! I'm a food fan: great temptation! I like to smile (people say I'm always), to have fun, to dance, to meet somebody and have the sensation that we already know for years.

Living the way I want without caring for what the other think is my motto.




A nossa abordagem

A Nossa História