Are you going to travel to Pattaya from Bangkok?

One of the easiest and most economical ways is the bus. Most people departing Bangkok for Pattaya use the bus.

How to get from Bangkok to Pattaya by bus?

Buses between the two cities have a regular and frequent service, with several buses leaving every day, so it is not difficult to find a ticket. However, it is always best to book well in advance and you can do it HERE with Bookaway.


While we were in Bangkok, we went out every night! Even on the first night we were very tired, we went out a bit too to get to know the area.

Bangkok never sleeps. At any hour there are people everywhere.
Unlike Portugal, the night starts very early and, for a Portuguese, also ends very early.
Bars from 8pm already start having people, until around midnight, 1am. If you want to see the show at DJ Station disco, it starts around 11pm.

Let's start with the bars we went to:


As you know, we have a bar named Connection in Portugal. And in Bangkok, we found Connections bar wich we went to several times. This bar is on Silom Street 4, where most of the most popular bars are. It has bars in front and next door. Just choose.
The Connections is a simple bar with good drinks at an affordable price.
If you like to see who passes in the street, come early to stay at one of the front tables.
Next to Connections is the Stranger bar with drag shows. As they do not charge entrance, they ask for the consumption of at least two drinks, which is understandable.
We also visited the Balcony Bar which is just down the street. A larger bar with karaoke and drag shows sometimes.

There are plenty of bars on this street, including a bear bar that sits on the first floor with closed door, almost opposite the Stranger bar.
If you don't know where to go, they're always calling you to stay.

Also next to Connections there is a massage center with young men at the door.

On this street we also went to Tapas Cafe, in front of Connections. If you want to stay on the terrace, you should go early. As the name implies, it is a Spanish restaurant/bar that serves several tapas. The owner is a friendly Argentine guy (and handsome). The price is a bit higher than average, but we recommend if you want to cut the Asian flavors. Everything was very good, including the sangria!
As Portuguese, we like to eat bread and olives. It was the only place where we managed to kill this will.

Concerning clubs, we visited the complex where DJ Station is located. It can be said to be the most popular nightclub in Bangkok for both locals and foreigners.
There's a queue to enter this complex, which, in addition to DJ Station, has other discos side by side, face to face. You pay the entrance, with one drink that you can consume in any of the spaces.
DJ Station has a drag show around 11pm and by that time it's already full, closing at 2am.
At weekends there's always more people, but even during the week it's also full.
DJ Station has 3 floors. The dancefloor is on the ground floor, on the 2nd floor you have another bar and balcony overlooking the dancefloor and on the top floor are the bathrooms and smoking area with a machine to charge the smartphone if you need!
Besides the drag show, you have house music and an excellent and powerful set of lights. The stage, when free, you can also dance there. Of course we went!
You can enter with casual clothes, shorts, tank tops. Only flip flops are not allowed.
We loved it, we met lots of people something that is easy because the atmosphere is super laid back, safe and everyone is in good mood and enjoying the evening. We went every night.

After 2am, if you want to continue the night you have another nightclub: G Bangkok. It's not as well-known but it's close to DJ Station, in a slightly more hidden street (do not be scared: the alley is dark but safe. Go to the end and find the entrance) and start filling up when the DJ is close to closing time.
You also pay entrance, with one drink included and you'll find a more underground, dark and heavy environment until 4am. G is not such a commercial space and music a little heavier. We also went every night and we highly recommend the visit.
That cute guy you saw in the DJ and you did not get to know, this is where you'll be more comfortable to do it.


Regarding restaurants, we don't highlight any in particular in this area. Overall, they're all quite economical with lots of choices from Asian, Italian, hamburguers, etc.
In this area there aren't gay bars, but being quite touristy and relaxed there are always gay people in the area.

On this street you have everything: restaurants, bars, clothes, souvenirs, scorpions to eat and the highest music we have ever heard at night.

We went to a bar named The One Khaosan! A bar completely different from all! It stands on a huge staircase, with very high music, exotic decoration and completely full. We also went to others, but we emphasized this!
In a side street there are more bars in a slightly quieter and more relaxed atmosphere, but rather fun and crowded. Just follow the crowd. This is where we first tried the buckets (several) at a very low price. In these streets prices are more affordable.

We also recommend a visit to Rambuttri Road. In it you find more restaurants, bars, with a more calm and intimate atmosphere, without the neons but with soft light lanterns.
On this street we went to Madame Musur Bar & Restaurant, which immediately caught our eye. With a hippie/chic ambience, it's a very pleasant space with unique details.

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