Chiang Mai has a lively night life, though much smaller than the capital Bangkok.
The bars are open every night, some with more residents and others more touristy and expensive.
The area where most of the gay bars are located is in the Night Market area.

We can say that among the tourists the RAM Bar is the most famous. Located next to the NIGHT Market area, it has several drag shows every night. It closes at midnight and begins to fill up a little before the first show and so it remains until the end. If you want to sit down you should go early as it's a small bar.

We also went to Secrets bar and as the name implies the bar is very discreet. It's almost next door to RAM Bar. The environment is totally different from Ram, lower music, many young people in the house to meet we can also say that the price level is much lower. If you want there's also a pool table. The staff is very friendly.

We didn't get to go, but we heard about the famous Club One Seven sauna that's open every day until midnight too.

Chiang Mai has a wide variety of restaurants. We went to Café de Siam very close to our hotel. Relaxed atmosphere, great decor and good food.

For us the best restaurant with Western food was UN Irish Pub. It's an irish bar/restaurant. Great terrace, typical chill out atmosphere of Chiang Mai and excellent food and in great quantity. We went there a few times and still remembered that restaurant today.