At Gay Men With You you will meet people from all over the world! See the answers to personal and travel questions as well as photos. Meet Luis Ochoa.


Tell us your name, age and city and country you live.
I'm Luis Ochoa. I live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Tell us about yourself to get to know you a little. What you like and don't like, what you do, etc.
Recently I’m living in Puerto Vallarta... I arrived here 2 years ago, traveling, I was in holidays. As I liked so much I have decided to move and here I am.
What I like the most is traveling... I can do that all year long if I could πŸ˜‰ I Like to explore new places, cities, people and culture.
What I don’t like... cold weather so I avoid to visit or travel to cold places as I don’t enjoy that much.

What was the last trip you took and what did you think?
My last trip was to Amsterdam and Israel and was wonderful when that was last January when it was very cold in Europe but was my only free time I had to travel...
Israel, Tel Aviv which is one of my fav cities in the world. Was nice and sunny, so I did enjoy a lot.

If you could be transported to one day/place in time, what would it be and why?
I would say... Mykonos, Greece. One of my favorites places and trips I had. So much fun, parties and guys all around. It was amazing.

Location where you have been the most drunk in your life? Do you remember everything you did?
LA, Los Angeles USA... West Hollywood, it was a night out with my friend, I got drunk, well wasted and lost memory at all. Went back at home around 7am with no idea how or who took me back. The few things I remember... It was fun!

Do you prefer solo travel or with someone else? And why?
Hmmm both are ok, but I’m traveling solo mostly, for my free time I’m a bit spontaneous so I don’t plan with much time in advance so hard to coordinate with more people, anyway I would like to travel with friends as well!

What has been the most interesting item of food you've tasted? Explain...
So many in many countries but I would say Greek/Mediterranean food is my fav so is what I did enjoy the most in Greece: eating all day.

What food from your home country do you miss the most? And can you cook it?
I miss beans I think and I can cook them but they are never the same as home or as my mom prepare them, so I just don’t do it!

What's the longest you've been away from home and where?
Probably when I move to Tel Aviv, Israel. I went for a 2 months holiday and went back home after 6 years LOL

How many countries have you visited and which ones?
So many, mostly Europeans. From Israel, Jordan, Egypt, turkey, Kiev, Italy, Greece, Spain, UK, Malta, USA, all Central America and a few more I don’t remember it didn’t enjoy them that much lol

What's been the weirdest thing you've seen when traveling and explain it to us.
In Germany, Berlin I guess. That time it was very weird to be in the middle of Folsom street event without knowing what it was or what was going on BUT it was fun at the end and I went back few years later. I remember myself the first time wearing a very colorful/gay outfit in the middle of the black/leather outfits which even was a bit uncomfortable but... I made it and next day I changed.

Dorm or private room? Why?
Both, depend where I am. In Berlin I stayed in a gay hostel for 15 days cause I did enjoy so much. Originally I booked an Airbnb by myself, it was nice and private but I was going out everyday so I decided to change place and I did enjoy even better a gay hostel with 20+ guys in the same place. Well you can imagine....

Do you call yourself a traveller or a tourist? Explain us why.
I would say... Traveler. I don’t do that much the β€œtourist” stuff as museums and all that. I can do it for a day but the rest I’m just exploring and trying local places and stuff, mostly with gay people who can take me around.

Would you rather see a lot of places or get to know one really well?
Get to know one really well. Last holiday I spent a month in Amsterdam, creating my own routine and my own β€œnormal life” there and I did enjoy it! Feeling like a local after a week.

Traveling, do you usually meet other people for friendship? And have you ever fallen in love?
Yes, I do meet people while friendships as for quick meetings, you know...
And yes I fell in love once in Paris which I spend a month with a French guy and in Greece as well, with an adorable Greek guy. Was very hard to leave.

Tell us something you didn't expect to happen and it happened, positive or negative.
Getting in life with the French guy haha cause originality I was traveling only for a week. And go back to Israel but I did stay 3 more weeks means I stayed a month with him and I as positive cause we had such a great time, but negative when I left.

Fill in the blank: the world would be a much better place without _________. And explain why.
Racism. As a traveler I’ve been in many situation where I have to be very careful how I dress what I say or how I look cause people could be mean everywhere... For religion/culture or just mean!

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Happy, explorer and GAY!

Where's the next trip going to be?
No idea. Let’s ask COVID where I’m allow to go next.


Tell us your Instagram account name.
My Instagram is Mr.maximon
Follow me to know a bit more about my trips!