Is a city north of Warsaw, a port city and is located by the Baltic Sea. The spectacular city center has been completely rebuilt and now has dozens of shops, bars and restaurants. Gdansk is also known as the world amber trading city. You'll find shops all over the city that sell this beautiful stone.

Many people have never heard of this city, nor have we, but as we were going to be in Warsaw for many days, we would like to visit a city that is not far away. We stayed in Gdansk one night and didn’t regret anything. It's really an incredible city in terms of beauty. You can see the city quickly, so we decided to stay just one night, but if you visit in the summer you have the baltic coast where you could enjoy the sun and its waters.

We went from Warsaw to Gdansk by train, which is about 3 hours away. It may seem a long way but the journey is very good. It was the best train we've ever taken: super comfortable, you have included in the ticket coffee and tea, a reserved seat and if you want to eat something, you have a menu where you can choose and order from your seat, then some employee brings your food. We bought the ticket online on the official websites of the Polish trains ( At the station the process is very simple, they are modern and with all the information as if it were an airport.

If you go at christmas time as we did, the city has even more charm, with all the lighting and you can visit one of the most famous christmas markets in Poland. It was the only market nominated for the European Best Christmas Market.

The main points we recommend to visit are:

- Long Market or Dlugi Targ - Is one of the most notable attractions in the city, the street and main square that divides the old city. Each building is more spectacular than the other. It's where some historic houses of the city are located such as Ferber House, Lion Castle, Golden House, etc.

- Fountain of Neptune - Is an icon of the city of Gdansk: a bronze statue that represents the God of the Sea and is one of the most photographed symbols of the city.

- Green Gate and Golden Gate - In the past the city was closed by these two gates, walking along the fantastic street that divides them. In about 15 minutes you get from one end to the other.

- Oliwa Cathedral

- Mariacka Street - It's called the main street selling amber. A beautiful street, where the feeling you have is to be in an open-air amber gallery, all the stores on the street have exhibitors of the many beautiful pieces of amber on the street.

- Crane (Zuraw) - Is an ancient and giant crane and is another of the symbols of the city. Now part of the maritime museum

-Main Town Hall - A beautiful and imposing building, today it is the home of the clock museum.

- St. Bridges Church

- Gdansk Eye - Just after the main street, across the river, you have a ferris wheel and from the top you have an incredible view of the city and you can even see some neighboring cities.

Walking along the Motlawa River is a pleasure in itself. Enjoy the architecture of the city, visit the many small shops, restaurants and you even have an amber museum.



The night in the city was calm at the time we went, but we believe that summer will be different, since the city is next to one of the main seaside resorts in Poland, so there are plenty of bars in the city.
Although there's no LGBT places, we never felt discriminated against or looked at. Many of the bars are located in the buildings basements, which makes them even more special due to their decoration and are all close to each other. You'll find many breweries, wine houses and clubs where you can dance the night away.

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