The night in Hanoi is crazy. Count on the old quarter completely full of people and get ready to have certain areas of the city where you can hardly pass.

- Visit the Beer Street and you'll find a street full of people selling beer at very, very low prices. It's a paradise for those who like to drink beer.
The bars are completely full of local people socializing, eating and drinking. In any bar or street area you'll find places to eat and drink. Don't be afraid and venture out: sit at one of the low and small tables and do like the locals.

- Legend Beer Hanoi

This café bar occupies the 3rd floor in a building in downtown Hanoi right by the lake.

You'll pass this building a few times so it's impossible not to notice it. Go up to the 3rd floor and you have a spectacular terrace over the city of Hanoi. The bar is especially crowded at the end of the day to watch the sunset.

- Fat Cat Bar

We went to this bar every night. We already felt at home and the fantastic staff already knew what we wanted.

We love everything here, the excellent house music that went by, the decor and again the staff. This bar is not gay, but it's very gay friendly so it's listed as being and we didn't feel any strange eyes. The atmosphere was party and very relaxed. If you want you can also have dinner at the bar, they have a little bit of everything. The prices are not the lowest in Hanoi but it's really worth going there. Sit at one of the small tables on the street and watch the incredible people traffic jam. It's right next to the famous Beer Street.

- Golden Cock - Is the only gay bar in the city. We went 2 times and it was not quite our environment. We think it's too formal and we don't like the tables being almost all reserved. You go into the bar and you get a little lost without knowing where to go. The atmosphere was totally different from the atmosphere in the street, the feeling we had was that of being in a chic hotel. The service is good but not our style. It's perhaps a good place if you want to chat with friends.

- For dinner, we suggest 2 places we just LOVED: Chops Old Quarter and NYC Pizza

- The Note Coffee - This is perhaps the most instagrammable coffee in the world. It's a small Cafe with walls, tables, ceilings, anything (really everywhere) lined with notes that customers write and glue where there's some space. As the name implies you can drink coffee (famous in Vietnam), any other drink or smoothies. You have on the second and third floor balconies with an excellent view. Go to the Note and leave your note.

- Grandpas Coffee

Is where we drinked the best coffee in vietnam.

We as Portuguese love coffee and it was here that we found the best in our opinion. We discovered this cafe by chance, on one of the many walks in the old quarter.

It's a small cafe, with 2 small tables on the street, but we are fans of the space and we recommend it to everyone. We also give the staff 5 stars for their friendliness and we love the photo they took from us!

grandpas coffee hanoi

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