Our experience with IATI Travel Insurance makes us say that it's the best insurance while traveling to any corner of the world. Do it with IATI Travel Insurance with our personal link and you immediately get a 5% DISCOUNT.

When you're in the process of organizing your trip, the question always arises: whether or not it's worthwhile to hire travel insurance. Then you do a search on the internet and keep the doubts. In our opinion YOU SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE a travel insurance and take no chances. For us IATI Travel Insurance is undoubtedly the best.

In all our trips we always go with the security of having done the insurance by IATI, because travel insurance is not only for illness, as a rule it has many more coverages that can be useful when you are away from home. Many people when traveling only in Europe don't have travel insurance, but as we have indicated, this insurance covers for example cases of theft or loss of luggage. In addition, in the case of theft of computer or photographic materials it's also included, among others. Because of this is, even in europe for us a travel insurance is mandatory.

But before telling our experience, let's explain why IATI:


- It has an excellent price and when you do it with us, by clicking on the link you immediately have a 5% discount. It's cheaper to do with us instead of directly on the IATI website. You can see an example of a simulation here:

- Without deductibles: IATI assumes all assistance expenses without having to pay any deductible

- You don't need to pay in advance and then wait for reimbursement for medical expenses: IATI pays directly

- Service in several languages, including Portuguese and English and if you wish, the call can be paid by the receiver

- Covers all countries in the world whether it's a short trip as well as long trips up to 12 months

- If you like radical activities don't worry, IATI covers more than 50 extreme sports

- If you're going on a cruise, IATI will also be present on that trip

- Has unlimited repatriation

- The hiring process is all done online and is very simple to do

- Don't worry about your age. IATI has no age limit (except in IATI Backpacker mode: 70 years old)

You have several modalities that give you great flexibility when choosing the type of insurance to choose:


IATI BASIC - Insurance for short trips in Europe. It's also ideal to have a visa for Europe/Schengen area. Offers the best value for money with guaranteed minimum medical assistance and other essential coverages.

IATI STANDARD - Is the ideal insurance for longer trips in Europe or for example to Southwest Asia, as it contains larger coverages such as medical assistance in the amount of €200,000 and you can add the cancellation cover.

IATI STAR - Insurance for destinations that have very high medical costs, such as traveling to the USA, Canada, Australia or Japan. In this modality you have full coverage for your trip including adventure sports. If you still want higher coverage, you can join PREMIUM.

IATI BACKPACKER - As the name implies is the insurance recommended for backpackers who venture across the world with no marked destination and without the duration of the trip.

IATI CANCELLATION - Here you have the tranquility in case of unforeseen events. This cancellation covers 39 causes of cancellation up to 6000€.

Among others...

Our experience was on a trip with a couple of friends to Thailand. It was necessary to activate the insurance on the first day of the trip because one of our friends had a kind of allergy on the first day of the trip. We could have waited and seen if it got better, however, it could have ended badly and thus ruined the rest of the trip. We preferred to call the IATI helpline, which operates 24/7 and explained the situation. IATI gave two options: a doctor could go to the room or we could go to a private hospital and have an appointment which is what we chose. It was all very fast and we didn't have to pay anything, nor any other cost, so we could continue our journey smoothly. We are one of the many cases that have already needed to trigger travel insurance and we can prove its effectiveness.




Before taking a trip, sometimes we don't think about everything that can happen on that trip. We ride on many public transports, hotels, we eat many different things. Of course, the ideal is that nothing happens, but if it does, we are much more relaxed because we have an insurance associated with this trip.
It's better to prevent and have a travel insurance with IATI that works very well and with our link you get a 5% DISCOUNT.