– If you stay in the Yumbo area and want to walk to the beach (gay area) get ready to walk about 40 minutes. Walk down Tirajana Avenue to Hotel RIU Palace. Go through the hotel tunnel and reach the dunes. Then just follow the people on the right and you’ll get to the gay zone of Kiosk 7.

– Going to the beach by taxi, go to Hotel RIU Palace and you’re at the beginning of the dunes. Another option is to go by taxi to the Maspalomas lighthouse which is by the sea andthen just walk along the water to the left and you arrive at Kiosk 7.

– There’s a very cheap bus that goes back and forth from the airport to Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas. It’s number 66, easy to find and just know where you want to stay. Look at the stop if it stops there. The ticket you purchase on the bus. The luggage goes in the bus basement.

– You have also several shared buses that leave you outside the hotel. They are a bit more expensive, not much more expensive than the 66 bus, but they end up being more boring because they have lots of stops in the various hotels (time consuming). You can buy online or on arrival at the airport. We prefer bus 66.

– Take water and if you want other drinks for the Pride Walk, if you don’t want to leave the parade. The path is still long and tiring (about two hours) but well worth it. There are several bars with balconies on the way to the street if you don’t bring anything.

– You have several supermarkets everywhere with quite good prices, so don’t worry about shopping.

– If you smoke, the price of cigarettes is very low. If you want to bring home don’t overdo it because of the airport.

– Visiting at the time of a party or Pride, it is advisable to go early for dinner or to find a seat in the bars, otherwise everything is full.

– Reserve your hotel or apartment as soon as possible, otherwise you run the risk of staying a little further away (and finding more expensive prices) because everything sell out very quickly.

– If you go to some foam party, protect your objects from the water.

– Avoid drinking tap water so you don’t have health problems and also don’t waste it. We are talking about a very dry island.

– If you need to withdrawal money, there are many ATM’s and almost all shops, bars and restaurants accept cards payment.

— Whenever we have any more tips, you’ll be the first to know! Stay tuned —

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