This is where we ended our month-long trip through Mexico in January 2020.


Mexico city is a giant city. We love big cities and this was another one of them. The city is divided by neighborhoods and we stayed in the famous pink neighborhood, that is, the gay district of the Mexico city. We booked an apartment through Airbnb right next to the Hotel Room Mate Valentina.

Other good neighborhoods where you can stay are the Condessa, Roma, Polanco, Coyoacan and downtown areas, although the last one is not the best area at night.


First we had some apprehension about the city, perhaps due to some exaggerated news that we see, but we never felt unsafe.
We walked a lot, day and night, used Uber and Cabify and always felt a lot of security and friendliness from the Mexican people.

There was even some surprise and they were happy for seeing portuguese people in the city, since it's not visited much by us.

The city is huge and it takes many days to get to know it all.

We were in the city for 5 days and still, there was a lot to see. In order not to get lost, it's best to start by visiting the center.

From here, you begin to be aware of the size of the city, with large squares and monuments and always lots of people on the street.

In the center, among the many attractions, those that you can't really miss are:

- Plaza del Zocalo
- Templo Mayor
- Metropolitan Cathedral
- Torre Latinoamerica
- Palacio de Bellas Artes
- Palacio de Correos
- Plaza Garibaldi
- Alameda Central
- Mercado de la Ciudadela
- Plaza Insurgentes


To see the whole downtown area spend at least 1 full day, then you can start exploring the other neighborhoods that we mentioned above. Honestly, we went with great expectations to the Roma district, but we did not find anything that special. We can highlight the Mercado Roma (market) for lunch for example.


Another tour that you really have to do (if you have time) is to go to the Teotihuacan Pyramids. They are about an hour from Mexico City and we went by Uber. Because the pyramids are far from Mexico City, there may be a fear that afterwards there will be no Uber to return. Rest assured that there are many Uber to return. They are parked at the entrance waiting for people and you also have the bus to return to the city.

The Teotihuacan Pyramids are incredible and we loved to visit them. It's a giant complex, full of history and here you can climb to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun about 65m high and the Pyramid of the Moon and see the whole complex from above. Also walk through the Calzada de los Muertos to get a sense and take advantage of all the space you have available to visit.
It's a tour of several hours and must be done without haste. We used Uber to visit the pyramids because we wanted to have as much time as we wanted, however, if you prefer there are several tours.
On our return to the city and because it was in our way, we stopped at the Basilica de Guadalupe, the largest sanctuary and catholic church in Mexico.

Another place you can't miss is Bosque Chapultepec, which is at the end of Avenida Passeo de la Reforma.

This huge park is considered one of the largest green areas in the world. You'll spend a whole day there. We went on a Sunday and as we did not know, on Sunday residents do not pay admission to the castle and several museums, which makes everything very crowded. In the woods you have a lot to visit or just rest. To visit you have, for example, the magnificent castle, museum of modern art, national museum of anthropology, the zoo, a huge lake where you can ride a boat among many other things.

The Coyocan neighborhood, yes, was one of the places in Mexico City that we liked the most. We called an Uber and when we arrived it didn't look like we were in Mexico City: very calm with typical squares and very colorful streets. It's in this neighborhood that the Frida Kahlo Museum is located. A neighborhood not to be missed.



The pink neighborhood (Zona Rosa), where we stayed, has an incredible vibe. At the end of the day the streets fill up with people in the many bars that remain full until the end of the night.

This neighborhood is where most of the gay bars in the city are located, it also has many sex shows on the street and many clothing stores dedicated to the LGBT market.

We went to Boy Bar every night.

As a coincidence, we went to the last nights of this space because in the meantime, it changed its location and name: now it's Blow Bar.

The atmosphere in Boy Bar was fantastic, lots of people divided by floors every night, lots of parties, GoGo Boys and a space dedicated only to men where was the dark room and a shower where the GoGo Boys did a naked show in a shower.

But you have more options of bars in this neighborhood and all close to each other. You have Kinky Bar, Gayta Bar, Tom´s Leather Bar, Nicho Bears Bar, among others.

We visited a lot in this magnificent city and much remains to be seen. It will be another city to visit soon with more time and less tired since we've been visiting Mexico for a month without stopping.

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