With a privileged location, right in front of Seixal Bay with Lisbon on the other side, the Mundet factory becomes the ideal spot to watch the sunset accompanied by a cocktail before entering the old large refectory of the cork factory that it's now recovered as a restaurant and bar.


Many years ago it was the largest cork factory in Portugal. Over the years it ended up closing, remaining in total abandonment, until a new life arrived, at the hands of the ex-competitor of Master Chef, João Macedo, and made this space in one of the most desirable on the south bank of Lisbon.


The space maintains the structure and industrial air and the letters on the front are the originals of 1910 as well as other objects that are part of the decoration.


About the dishes you can find a little bit of everything in its original menu. Sometimes there are special weeks or nights when you can taste flavors from other countries in the world.


We chose Bochechas ao Oporto and Tânia pizza and everything was great and after a few days we still remember the taste. To accompany the meal we chose the excellent sangria.

If you're in Lisbon or even on the south bank, you cannot miss it and should visit the Mundet Factory.We always recommend making a reservation, because although the space is large, it's almost always full.

The address is: Praça 1º de Maio, 2840-485 Seixal. You can visit the Facebook page HERE and Instagram HERE.