Olhos de Água in the Algarve, is 5km from Albufeira and 3km from the Areias de São João, ie the famous Strip, the street where all the bars and clubs of Albufeira are located, including our gay bar Connection, and is known for the liveliest street and with more nightlife in Portugal.

Olhos de Água is the perfect place for those looking for a quiet place where you'll find many families on vacation. Here you have all the services you need to have an excellent vacation. Olhos de Água was an old fishing village and along the beach you will still find several artisanal fishing boats by the water.

What we like most about Olhos de Água, besides the beach, is a trail that exists when walking to the left side. Go up the cliff and we guarantee that you will be surprised by the fantastic views and the small beaches that are in the middle of the big rocks.

The Olhos de Água beach is small, but if you're looking for a calm holiday the place is ideal. If you're in Albufeira you can easily visit this small fishing village and we guarantee that it deserves your visit.