Night in Pattaya is really crazy. Many residents and tourists are having a party. It will be difficult to choose which bar to go to. As we were at the Jomtien Complex we always went to the bars in that area.
Jomtien Complex is a set of streets where you have several bars, shops, restaurants and hotels, mostly frequented by gays. You really have a lot to choose from: bars with show and bars where you can go and try your luck and meet someone or just have a drink. If you like beer ask for the famous beer towers πŸ˜‰ One of the nights we were lucky to see and participate in a Thai guy birthday that a bar prepared and it was super fun, a lot of karaoke, dancing and drinking.

The nights that we were in this area, we found everything very safe and we never felt threatened by anything, and despite some normal pressure in Thailand to sell drinks and call to bars we never felt bad. Some bars may have a more dubious appearance but don't worry, they are normal bars and sometimes are where you have the best drink prices.

In Jomtien Complex you have the M2M Cabaret, Cocka2 Bar, At Home Bar, BC Bar, Tommy's Bar among many others.
In Boyz Town you have Boyz Boyz Boyz (perhaps the most famous), Castro Bar, Cupidol, X Boys among others.

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