Phi Phi is one of Thai's most famous destinations.


Phi Phi is synonymous of parties, fun and paradisiacal beaches. We think visiting these islands is on the travel list of all, in ours was and there we went.

It's the perfect place for young people in search of fun, honeymooners and to make friends, wich we also made.

Phi Phi Islands are several islands, perhaps the most famous is Koh Phi Phi where we stayed.

We left Krabi by boat and it's a spectacular trip but a bit long.

Take money with you because upon arriving you have to pay to enter the island around 20THB.
As soon as you leave the pier you feel you've reached paradise. The island has a unique atmosphere.

We stayed right in the center as we like. We stayed at PP Insula, near the pier, between the two beaches near the center, next to everything. In front of the hotel there's a market with plenty of food as is natural in Thailand. The hotel is simple and economical. We can say that it's a clean, comfortable hotel and despite being very close to the famous beach parties it's quite quiet. You can't go up to the room with shoes and at the reception you have some nice cats to greet you.

The center of Koh Phi Phi is not too big, there are no cars, and for sure you'll get lost on the narrow streets full of tattoos shops, souvenirs, diving schools, bars and restaurants. It's really worth spending a few hours and getting lost in the maze. One tip is to have some landmarks to help you reach your destination.

As we mentioned there's no traffic and for example the merchandise is transported in handcarts and ambulances are adapted gulf cars.

We also visited the Phi Phi view point. If you take the "correct" way are about 30 minutes of steep stairs. Prepare the legs and the breath because it's also very hot. We got lost and took the long way. We can't explain how we did it, but we went along a path where you don't see almost tourists and then we had a meeting with monkeys in the wild. They didn't care about us much, maybe because they were eating...
It took us perhaps 2 hours, always climbing and a great part inside the forest and with paths of earth and rocks. It was an adventure but don't worry there are several indications in the center on how to find the right path... We didn't follow it.
But in the end, yes, it's worth it and it pays off a lot. You have an incredible view of the island and if you can catch the sunset it is fantastic. The view point is also the place to go if there's a tsunami warning, since it's the highest point on the island.

At the beach level you expect to find warm waters and unique views.

On the day we arrived, we knew it was day of the famous Ibiza Pool party at Ibiza Hotel and there we went. You don'y pay entrance and it's total madness, super cool, loud music and lots of beautiful people. Yes we can say that in Phi Phi is where you'll find more beautiful people together.

Regarding the night, there are no gay places, but it's not necessary either. It's all super friendly and you find gays everywhere. If you want to meet people here you will know.

The nights were always spent at the famous beach parties. Expect to find lots of alcohol, once again loud music in a mix of electronic and some past hits, lots of lights and fluorescent clothing, fireworks and pyrotechnics... And yes, go in flip flops, a bathing suit, a t-shirt and join the party!

Phi Phi is a unique destination, it will stay forever in our memory and we hope to come back some day.

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