Phu Quoc is an island just off the coast of Cambodia and is known for its fantastic white sand beaches and warm waters.
Doing research there are those who speak very badly of the island and those who speak very well. We’re the ones who speak very well and recommend to everyone. It was much better than what we were expecting. It’s one more little paradise on earth.


We arrived to Phu Quoc with an internal flight by the Vietnam Airlines company from Hanoi and as soon as we arrived we went directly to the Hotel La Mer Resort and Spa.

I think we made an excellent choice, very well located, very well decorated and with an excellent breakfast.

There are many doubts about wich area to stay in Phu Quoc and we recommend staying where we stayed on Long Beach.

Phu Quoc is a small island and Long Beach is right in the center of the island so we can easily reach everywhere.

Phu Quoc is an island that is in great development. It can be said that it’s what Thailand was like before the tourism boom.
Half of the island is a national park and has extensive tropical forests, waterfalls, reefs and mountains. Phu Quoc has about 20 beaches. Our favorites are Long Beach and Starfish Beach. Long Beach has a very relaxed atmosphere: flip flops, beach clubs, good seafood for meals and some water sports, but all without a motor, you only have kayak and paddle. Everything really relaxed.
You have many restaurants to choose from, some very homemade (in our opinion of the best) some shops and small cozy bars. If you go looking for big parties, this is not the destination. Prepare light clothes and you don’t need to take much, there are many family laundries that take care of your clothes. The motto is relax and rest.


To Starfish Beach we went on a tour because it’s more comfortable. If you want you can rent a scooter because it’s very easy to drive there, the traffic is super calm compared to the big cities.

In Starfish as the name implies you’ll find giant starfish along the beach, it’s really spectacular. Super transparent, hot water without waves, a day that you’ll not forget and very well spent. Starfish Beach is really a very special place.

This beach is at one end of the trail and the roads there are an adventure and with luck on the way you will find monkeys.

Duong Dong is the main city on the island. Here you have a night market and the atmosphere of an Asian city, but much calmer than the big cities. If you’re in Long Beach you can reach the city center easily on foot, with bike or motorbike or with Grab (same as Uber). The city also has onde harbor, many restaurants, shops and is where most hostels are located. You can also visit the famous Dinh Cau Rock Temple (Cau Temple).

It’s here in the city that the only gay space on the island is located: Friends Gay Guesthouse.

As the name implies, it’s a spacious guest house managed by a super friendly owner. Even if you’re not staying on site, you can go to the bar every day during the afternoon and evening. Every Saturday there’s a foam party until 2am. If you go during the afternoon, you can sunbathe on the fantastic terrace overlooking almost the whole island while having a drink and you can also use the jacuzzi. The entire space is only for men and clothing is optional.

From April 2020 you can also count on a new sauna inside.







You have many more attractions to visit. If you want there’s a tourist bus (Phu Quoc Turistic Bus) that takes you to the main spots. We used it, very flexible and it works well with a good price. You can buy the ticket online but fore more info, go HERE.

Others places we visited:


– Ham Ninh Fishing Village

– Phu Quoc Prison


– Hon Thom Cable Car – There are 8 kms of cable without stops for 15 minutes on each side. Not to lose!


– Suoi Tranh Waterfall

– Ho Quoc Pagoda

– Sao Beach

– An Thoi Islands – The best way is to go on tour, that’s how we did it and it was another great day. In one day you’ll visit several paradisiac islands that are part of the Phu Quoc maritime park. You have snorkling, fishing, beach and unique views.

Phu Quoc by Night


As we told you, Phu Quoc is a very quiet and relaxed island and, so is the night life!

Long Beach have some restaurants and bars, some right at the beach where you can have dinner or a drink very… relaxed!


Even today, after visited more destinations we never forget Phu Quoc and remember the days we spent there. Visit and you’ll not regret it.

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