Welcome to Patong Beach. Vibrant gay scene, beach and thousands of tourists from around the world.
Patong Beach is the main tourist resort on Phuket island. It's the hub of nightlife and shopping.

We arrived at Pukhet from Phiphi Islands. The change of scenery is total but it's fantastic. You immediately see that you're in a tourist area. We arrived by boat, a long trip but again with spectacular views and on arrival we had the transfer waiting to take us to Patong.

We stayed at the hotel Lub d Phuket Patong the 5 nights. As for the location for us it was great, close to the beach, the Paradise complex (gay area) and with lots of restaurants and shops around.
Loved the hotel, relaxed young atmosphere and a great pool.

Our stay in Patong was split between beach in the morning, pool by the afternoon and Paradise Complex by night.

At the beach level, do not expect to find paradisiacal and deserted beaches. For us who are accustomed to Portugal is a beach similar to ours, with the difference of water temperature and the many structures and activities that exist on the beach.
If you don't want to rent a sun hat, the "fight" for a shadow will be big. The sun is very hot and the shadows are few, so imagine. If you're a smoker it's forbidden to smoke on the beach, but there are marked areas where you can go.

There's on the beach a more or less organized area that can be said gay zone.
It's next to La Flora Resort. Not easy to find, but not too difficult either. Just be aware. Most of the people you see are couples and groups of straight friends, but when you look closely you are in the gay zone. Don't worry, the atmosphere is super laid back.

At night level Patong has the famous Paradise Complex (gay area) and the famous Bangla Road.
You have to visit Bangla Road. It's the main street of entertainment and it's unlike anything we've seen, there are so many bars of all genres, people, music and neons that it becomes super fun. Most bars are all open with no walls and you see everything inside.

The Paradise Complex is where the main Phuket bars and nightclubs are located. They are along the street that serves as exit of the Complex. You'll see where it's located. It's easy to find: just look for the tall tower that stands out in Patong.

The bars start to fill up around 11pm, a little before the first ZAG BAR show. When the shows begin, don't be surprised: the stage is really the middle of the road! Then they begin to invite people inside the bar.

We highlight the Zag Bar and the Boat Bar.

Zag is perhaps the most famous and popular among tourists. It's big and flashy from the outside. Big building right in the middle of the street, all mirrored and with lights.

If you want a table on the terrace to see who goes by and watch the first show, arrive early around 10pm. Several employees are always ready to serve you. Even in the interior if you're standing, you don't need to go to the counter to order your drink. They bring you wherever you are.

At ZAG you'll find a powerful sound and several drags shows and go go boys, the famous angels.

Boat Bar is an older house in Patong. Here the shows begin around midnight, when the first Zag show ends.
Since you don't pay entrance in the bars and they're all next, you can walk and "jump" from one to the other several times.
Boat also has a great interior space and perhaps here was where we found the most friendly staff. We were welcomed as if we were longtime friends. We emphasize the excellent reception. If you go before midnight the prices are also lower.

We don't really know which time both Zag and Boat close, but we stayed until very late and there were always lots of people.

On the street there are other alternatives such as Hangout, Connect, Sundowners, etc.

In the side street you have many houses with spa and massages. At Paradise Complex you have a little bit of everything you need. As we have said it's the gay zone and you have restaurants, guest houses, laundries among many other things.

We didn't have the chance to do it, but we talked to the owner of the agency Beocute Gay Phuket Travel. It's a gay agency where you can make several tours or if you need a transfer. The owner is very nice and if you need some help, he's there.

In summary Patong is a recreation area, sunny and with an exciting gay scene. If this is what you're looking for, this is the place.

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