– If you go in Winter take into account that the days are very small and it can be really cold. Wear warm and comfortable clothes, as well as good waterproof boots that adhere well to the floor because of snow and ice.

– Poland is not just Krakow. Visit the other areas and you will be surprised.

– Poland is one of the least friendly countries in the LGBT community, although we did not feel it, it’s better to have a more discreet position, especially outside the big cities.

– For travel in cities, despite public transport, use Uber, it’s easy and very cheap.

– Taste the fantastic Polish cuisine, it’s really good. You have Pierogi (stuffed pastries), Rosol (chicken soup), Golabki (cabbage roll), Polskie Nalesnki (Polish pancakes).

– For large journeys between cities, use Polish trains, they are super comfortable and efficient.

– In Poland there’s no euro currency, but the Zloty. There are machines for withdrawals anywhere and almost all places, even in the street, accept cards for payments. We recommend using Revolut.

– Cross the roads at the crosswalks or wait for the traffic light for people to turn green, otherwise you can get a fine.

– If you visit the markets, try the different flavors of mulled wine, attention that some take vodka with flavors.

– Consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in any space on the street, you can only do it on terraces.

– Poland has a vibrant social and cultural life both day and night, enjoy and do as they do.

– If you can’t speak Polish, there’s no problem as long as you speak English. Almost all information is in Polish and English and almost everyone speaks English. If they don’t know they will help you in the same.

– You will see many Milk Bars, they do not sell milk, but they are small restaurants now, where in the past they were subsidized by the government for workers with less economic conditions.

– Poles are very proud of their country and are very friendly, you will easily make friends in Poland.

– Poland is not in Eastern Europe, don’t tell them that. Poland is in Central Europe.

– Get ready to fall in love with the country and you’ll want to come back many more times.


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