- In Thailand there's no longer Uber. Was bought by Grab. Use and abuse Grab: good, reliable prices and works same way as Uber.

- Smoking is something you don't see very much. If you smoke, don't throw the cigarette to the floor. Take a portable ashtray or something where you can put the cigarette. If you don't have anything, smoke near a trash bin and put it there.

- Cigarettes are not visible in stores. The best place to buy is 7eleven. Ask at the counter and it's hidden behind.

- 7eleven is our best friend. Open every day and anytime, it has everything you need with good prices.

- When you exchange money in the currency exchange houses, your passport is required, so don't forget it. You also need the passport if you buy an internet card for the mobile phone.

- In Bangkok, to visit the Riverside, there's a round trip free boat from the Chao Phraya Pier.

- When you arrive to the airport, the best is to buy a SIM card so you can have internet in your mobile phone. It's cheap, they help and you have internet all time. If necessary you can reaload it at 7eleven.

- Don't lose the duplicate paper which you fill at the entrance to Thailand. It will be asked the same paper to exit. Keep it with your passport. The same is requested to check-in at hotels plus the passport.

- When you visit the Grand Palace, don't go at 8am. Go around mid-morning because most of the excursions have already entered and this way you avoid very large queues.

- In Chiang Mai alcohol is forbidden between 2pm and 5pm. They don't sell it anywhere!

- Never step on a Thai note. Is considered a great offense.

- Never tease/offend religion and monarchy or you may have problems later. Respect and you will be respected.

- In many WC's there's no toilet paper. Don't forget to take your paper tissues.

- It's not worth buying in advance boat trips and excursions. It's cheaper to buy at destination.

- We recommend the website to get some notion of some trips, excursions and to buy transfers. It's reliable. In case you want to buy excursions and transfers you can do it too.

- In Patong on ZAG Club ask for the menu. If you go until a certain time there may be beer promotions, which pays off and is cheaper than buying individually. Always ask for the menu or ask the bars if there's any happy hour.

- On the main beaches smoking is not allowed. There are areas where you can smoke and go back to the towel. Don't smoke in unauthorized places because you can be fined.

- In public gardens and in many areas smoking is prohibited. Be aware of signs.

- Party night starts early, so don't leave the hotel late. Have early dinner so you can enjoy the evening to the fullest.

- If you have limited time, in the internal trips uses the airplane. They are fast, cheap and reliable.

- You don't have to pack much your luggage. There are many laundries on the street with great prices.

- If you can, choose a hotel with swimming pool. Will be very good at the end of the day when you get back from your walks.

- If you go to Kho Phi Phi Island, at the entrance you pay a fee of about 20Baht/person, so take money.

- Crossing the roads can be an adventure. Walk slowly/fast on the crosswalk, and cross between cars and motorbikes. Despite the confusion everything is organized and they stop to let us pass.

- In Bangkok don't travel on the boat with the blue flag. This boat is only used by tourists and is more expensive. Use the boats with the orange, yellow or green flags depending on your destination.

- The MRT is the Bangkok subway, almost covers the whole city with a low price. It's easy and intuitive to use.

- The BTS is the so-called Sky Train. It's a quick and cheap way to get around, and you can see the city from above.

- You can use the Airport Rail Link and as the name indicates, it's the subway that connects Suvarnabhumi Airport to the city center in the fastest and cheapest way.

- If you want to buy souvenirs and go to Chiang Mai, here is the ideal place with much lower prices.

- Never drink tap water. You can wash your teeth with tap water but never swallow it.

- If you want to eat in the street, choose where the locals are.

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