As we have indicated, most places are in La Nogalera area. Now in pandemic times they were very limited and some were closed. But we still manage to have fun every night, but we were unable to go to clubs because they were closed.

You have dozens of choices and types of bars. Aqua in our opinion at this time may be the most fashion bar and best known by the international public. It’s open every night and is frequented by all types of ages.

If you want to know a bar most visited by locals, in our opinion you have EGO Copas. Is the perfect bar for that. Since you don’t have such a large outdoor space, you should go early. Here you can listen to some Spanish music and from what we saw it’s frequented by a younger audience. It is also open every night.
If you like an old fashion and more familiar atmosphere, we recommend Vida Bar and Codigo Bar. They are located side by side, with a pleasant terrace space and very friendly staff.
If you want to go out at the end of the day and continue into the night, you can start at Hakuna Matata, open every day at 5pm with happy hour until 8pm. If you like bingo, here you can find a Drag Bingo. You have a lot more options, such as Tiki Tiki Bar, which offers concerts and is also very popular with lesbians. Between the 3 Monkeys and the Viva Bar you can find the Colibri Bar, with a more cheerful and modern decor. If you like cruising, you can visit The Room cruising club, which is now open every day from 7pm.
There are really many places, walk around the bars and choose what you like best. Do not forget, all places need our help at this time of pandemic. Every night we went to one or two different bars and so we contributed a little bit to everyone.

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