Torremolinos has long been in our plans to visit. This special year that we are experiencing derived from Covid19 and since we are more limited in travel, Torremolinos was one of the visited destinations. We went by car, since the city is just a few hours from Portugal. The trip from Portugal is very comfortable and as soon as we enter Spain, expenses go down a lot. We're able to get around without paying tolls, with good roads and much lower fuel prices.

Torremolinos is located on the famous Costa del Sol, in southern Spain, bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. It's famous for its world famous gay community and nightlife. Although we went in low season and in the middle of a pandemic, there was always some movement, although it was much more limited, and we always felt safe.
Torremolinos is very close to Malaga, where the airport is located and is one of the main tourist cities in Andalusia and the Costa del Sol. Speaking of sun, even though we went at the beginning of October, there was a lot of sun and we were able to go to the beach, the temperatures were great.

The central point of the gay community in torremolinos is the La Nogalera area, where we stayed. We rented an apartment for a week, right in the La Nogalera apartments. If you like to go out at night, they are ideally located: above almost all the bars and next to the clubs.
In this area there are dozens of bars, clubs, restaurants and shops for the LGBT community.
If you want other types of amenities, we recommend the Ritual Hotel, which is very close to the La Nogalera area.

Another area frequented by the LGBT community is the beach. It's very easy to get there and staying in La Nogalera, in a few minutes you're at the beach. Just go to the end of Calle Danza Invisible and you'll find Calle Santos Arcangeles. You have some stairs that take you to the beach. The stairs have written Camino de La Playa which in English means 'way to the beach'. Go down the stairs and just walk along the sea, on the promenade, to the right side where you'll find the famous beach clubs: Eden Beach Club, Paraiso Beach Club and also El Gato. It's very easy, you can see gay flags on the beach in the distance. On hot days this is where you'll meet everyone.

We also recommend getting to know the rest of the city and everything can be done on foot.
Walk along the promenade, take the promenade along Calle del Peligro to the center of Calle de San Miguel (main street with shops) a little further on, you can visit Casa de los Navajas. We also recommend a walk through the Plaza de la Nogalera, the Plaza Costa del Sol and the Plaza Andalusia.

At the end of the day before heading up to your apartment or hotel, we recommend the Cafe Bar 3 Monkeys or Armario La Bodega for some tapas. At the end of the afternoon we always went to 3 Monkeys, here we felt we were at home. Super friendly staff, excellent prices and if you are hungry try one of the fantastic homemade hamburgers. They serve meals all day until night and at this moment they are closing on mondays.


If you are driving or renting a car, you can park on Calle Casablanca or Calle Danza Invisible. Here you pay only 1 euro if an Ayuamento employee is on the street. If no one is on the street, you pay nothing. The car can stay there as long as you want, there are no time limits. Do not park in areas where the street is marked in yellow, it is prohibited here. We always parked on these streets, we felt very safe and in the 7 nights we only found one employee, that is, in 7 nights we paid 1 euro.

Torremolinos calls itself the gay capital of Spain. In our opinion, although we are living with a pandemic, we can say that we agree with that distinction. If not the capital, is one of the gay capitals!
We are very excited to return to Torremolinos and as soon as everything gets better, we will definitely return.


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