- Use Grab (same as Uber) for some trips. It's cheap. Being two people, we asked for a car. If you're a single person, the motorbike pays off more because it comes out cheaper (some bikes took two people!!). It always worked well. The trick we used for the collection point was to always stand in front of some known place (cafe, hotel, restaurant, etc.) that the name would appear in the app and that way they would always find us. We did this because addresses are not always easy!

- There are young people in gardens, etc., who come to speak with foreigners to practice English. It's really true and there's nothing wrong, it's just for practice. It happened to us and we were in a park talking. It's a way to practice and improve English, speaking with foreigners. Anyway, always be alert, of course!

- In the markets always haggle the prices if you don't want to overpay. Don't be shy. We always cut it in half (but always be aware of the item it is and the fair price). If it doesn't work turn around and go. If the seller wants to sell, he will come after you.

- Laundry: we always asked the price at the hotel and compared it to prices on the street. We left it to wash in both places and the price per Kg compensates more comparing with per piece. On the street, in Phu Quoc, for example, there was never a problem and everything went well. What we always did was deliver the clothes with a paper with the articles that were there and quantities of each (in English, of course), and we also kept one for us to check later. Everything was always right.

- In Ho Chi Minh there are many bars and restaurants that charge fees in addition to the price stated in the article. This information can always be seen at the bottom of the pages in the menus. The fees may vary and may be more than one. Pay attention to this because for those who do not notice it may be a surprise the bill. Some rates double after midnight.

- Cigarettes: it's very, very cheap in Vietnam. Their brand, Thang Long, costs about €0,47 cents (yes, cents!).

- In Hanoi, to exchange money, the ideal is to do it in stores that sell gold. The fee is lower and documents are not required. We always did and everything went well.

- Pay attention to the times of the monuments to visit. The vast majority close at lunchtime. Search first.

- You can book tours right there in Vietnam, with a day in advance on the internet. That's what we did and so we had more freedom to organize the days as we wanted. We recommend Getyourguide and everything went smoothly.

- On internal flights, always keep tickets with the luggage tag. Upon leaving the airport, they confirm that the tag matches the one in the bag.


--- Whenever we have any more tips, you'll be the first to know! Stay tuned ---

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