Warsaw never stops, it’s one of the most lively cities in Eastern Europe. There are plenty of options for a drink or a dance in the city every night. The night can be said to start at the end of the day. That time, the various cafes in the city are completely full of people in full contact, many end up having dinner there or going later to the many excellent restaurants. There’s a bit of everything and you will see all styles.
Warsaw also has an incredible gay night, making many Western countries jealous.

If you like to go out at night here are some suggestions for LGBT spaces and prepare yourself that it all starts with a glass of vodka and the Poles are very curious and very fond of meeting those who visit them. It was from the cities where we met more people in bars, we easily had the table surrounded by Poles talking to us.

– Ramona Bar – One of our favorites, which we went to every night. We loved the vibe and the staff. We didn’t need to order drinks, the staff always knew what we wanted. The bar is divided into several spaces, has a retro decor and a super relaxed atmosphere. If you like spaces with lots of people, this is one of them.

– Club Galeria – Is one of the oldest bars, usually has popular drag shows and theme parties.

– Plan B – A more alternative place where you can see art performances and listen to electronic music.

– Metropolis Warszawa – Is a great new disco with djs, a great dance floor and an incredible atmosphere. It also has a smaller and darker space where you can have a little more privacy (it is not dark room). We went to this nightclub for 2 nights and we loved it. It has a super relaxed atmosphere and an energy similar to the best houses in the neighboring city of Berlin. WE LOVED IT! 🙂

Then you have more spaces such as the Glam Club, Bunkier Club, Lodi Dodi and others.

If you want to visit other areas and other lively bars we suggest:

– Pawilony Nowy street – Street with many cheap, cute and bold bars.

– Kufle i Kapsle – Famous craft beer bar.

– Cuda na Kiju Multitap Bar – Is located in a former Communist Party headquarters and is more of a craft beer bar, pre-bottled cocktails and pizzas with different ingredients.

– Mazowiecka – Is the night center of Warsaw.

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